You can’t always have what you want

QUESTION: Masters, there was a man who was important to me, I was in love with him. Our relationship was complicated. It was as if we were to two opposite and complementary at the same time. I had no doubt the feeling I had for him but I felt his hesitation and it hurt me. In the end he rejected me and married another woman. The last time I talked to him I was rude and threw my frustration on him and the result was that he cut me out of his life. Masters, he feels hurt and resentment for me? He is happy now that I got out of his life? Despite everything that happened, I felt the anger that cannot be, I do not wish you had done so. It is possible that we two meet again in one day? ~Cristiane, Brasil

ANSWER: It is impossible to make others mirror the feelings you have for them unless they are wholeheartedly in agreement with your sensations. Why did it hurt you that he did not have the same feelings for you? You were disappointed because he did not live up to your expectations? That is a bit selfish and controlling of you. What if it had been the other way around and he wanted you but your feelings for him were just not there? Would you like it if he tried to force you as you attempted to do to him?

You are acting just like a spoiled child who is throwing a tantrum because it didn’t get its way. If you had been on the receiving end of the nastiness you placed on him, you too would have cut off all contact and said, “Good riddance, and never darken my door again.”

He absolutely cannot stand you at this time and feels very sorry for you for resorting to juvenile behavior. He does not wish to see you again in this lifetime. Get over it and move on. If you are angry at anyone, be angry at yourself for trying to force him to love you when he couldn’t. He is very happy in a sharing partnership.

From the beginning of your next connection, be totally honest about your desires. Look upon it as a sharing relationship and not your own little playground. Honor your mate’s wishes and not just your own.