After death

QUESTIONS: Masters: (1) Does the spirit of the dead exist? (2) Do memories or imagination trigger their presence? (3) Does the mind play tricks to strengthen the belief that life exists after death? (4) Or, a psychological shield of immortality is created by the mind to confront the reality of death? ~Suresh, India

ANSWER:  We must start out this discussion with the fact that all humans are really souls, particles broken off from Source energy, who are having a physical experience. The bodies you see are just like a suit of clothing they have adopted for their time on Earth. When the physical body wears out, or the soul decides it has had enough of that particular life, it leaves the physical shell behind and goes back to its energetic form where it can go anywhere it wills. What you call a spirit we call a soul. It never dies or ceases to exist; it just changes form. It has the ability to make itself known to those on Earth if it chooses.

All of your other questions deal with the purely physical aspects of a human body. Each deals with a concept that the thinking brain might want to understand or of which it might demand scientific proof of existence. Once the soul has shed the body that is controlled by the mind, it instantly knows everything and can communicate with all other souls. You want a judgment of something being or not being; we just are.

You are talking about accepting a belief that cannot be proven scientifically but must be felt. Human beliefs are gathered together mostly by things that have been said by others sharing the life cycle with you. To answer how you feel about death, reincarnation (returning for another life), or the immortality of the soul, you have to go into your own feelings, not the scripted statements of others. Just as you can’t scientifically prove love, or even the existence of electricity, except by the results they produce, you cannot physically document immortality.

If you are open enough to the possibility of communication between humans on Earth and souls not on Earth, you may get a feeling or a knowing that souls are eternal and have done the human journey many times. This comes from a gut feeling, an intuition, or an evaluation of the facts and messages you receive. After all, you addressed these questions to us. We are with Source; therefore, we are nonphysical and eternal.