How do you judge in the 5th dimension?

QUESTION: Masters, I understand there is no time in the 5th dimension where souls reside, however the terms older souls and younger souls has been mentioned, which seems to suggest older souls precedes the younger but yet there is no time. Is there anything quantifiable like counting from 1 to 10 in the 5th dimension? ~Peter, Singapore

ANSWER: You are combining concepts from Earth, where everything is judged, and wanting something similar to control the fifth dimension. To back up for new readers: the third dimension is where you all exist in physical form on planet Earth. It is a duality of negative and positive energies and dominated by the ego. To define your existence, you must judge how you compare or stand up to all the other people. You have to have a knowledge of better than, older than, worse than, etc. in order to fit in.

The fifth dimension is completely nonphysical and is where souls exist when not in a body having a physical experience. There is no judgment in the fifth dimension; nothing is right or wrong; all things are merely experiences that you may evaluate to determine if you wish to try them again, or if once was enough. There is also no negativity of any kind—the prevailing energy is unconditional love.

The fourth dimension is an interface between physical control and nonphysical lack of control. Souls spending time there may be physical but may choose to forego the need to judge by just living in unconditional, non-judgmental love. Or they may have left their bodies and become nonphysical energy, while still wanting to cling to the judgmental energy or negativity of Earth (sometimes called discarnates or ghosts).

The only place where time, as you are aware of it, exists is on your planet. It is the  record of the transit of your planet around your sun. There is no time, as you know it, in the fifth dimension. A soul has the ability to decide where it wants to be, where it wants to go, and, if coming to Earth, what time period it wishes to visit.

The terms older and younger souls are used for teaching purposes only. They don’t refer to a passage of particular time but rather to what the soul has learned as far as lessons are concerned. An older soul has gained the wisdom of more lessons than a younger soul. A fast learner may have made fewer trips to Earth but still be an older soul compared with one who has spent much more time there but gives up or just doesn’t understand the lesson.

There is nothing quantifiable because that would require judgment, which doesn’t exist. To say that one number is more than another number is a judgment; things are just evaluated for their usefulness to each soul’s eternal journey.