Animals and humans

QUESTION: Masters, I have and have had horses, dogs and cats. They are my companions and confidants. I often wonder do they have a life’s plan. Do they come to learn and how does this link in with or compare to ours? I also had a horse I sold a number of years ago and didn’t consider its feelings. I often wonder how she is and how she felt about this and coped. I’m guessing this is all part of my learning as I took from this and considered it when re-homing another horse; however it nags at me how she felt. Hoping you can help me understand. ~Samantha, UK

ANSWER: Most animals are animated by a spark of life energy originating from Source. They do not have souls and therefore no elaborate plans for a lifetime on Earth. They are/were created to assist you humans with your life lessons. A few souls have decided to have the experience of living within an animal body instead of a human body so they might experience the peculiar characteristics they never could have in a human body. This is rare, only about one to two percent of all souls.

Most animals have specific reasons for existing—mostly to be of service to humans. Horses for working and riding get into a pattern of what is expected of them, or trained as you call it, and just instinctively go about their daily life without thinking of anything else. They will show their appreciation for a carrot or sugar cube.

The horse that you sold easily adapted to her new life and went on to have a very happy life. She was treated well and found friends with whom to interact. You have a tendency to want to give human perspective to your animals, and they do not have that capability. It is part of your life lesson to learn to deal with your sense of compassion. It is easier for you with animals than with humans.

Each species of animal has different characteristics. Your cats want to have their needs provided for but also want their independence. Your dogs have a need to know that they are pleasing you and that you will show them the affection they crave. Your horses want to be cared for, to be able to run, and to show off to you and the other horses.

Humans are much more complicated. You set yourself up to have experiences from which you can learn things about yourself. All the thoughts that have come to you concerning your animals talk about qualities in the human existence that you seek to understand. Loyalty, compassion, caring and sharing, responsibility, fairness, and thoughtfulness are all important to you. Ask how your feelings about the animals relate to your feelings about other humans. Those are your lessons.