Dreams and symbols

QUESTION: Masters, I had a dream about my grandmother who recently passed away. In my dream I saw her escorted by two other beings with glowing white light. She seemed to be glowing partially. We had some kind of discussion before they left but I couldn’t recall what it was about. This was unusual as I used to recall communications such as this or otherwise I have no recall of an occurrence at all. Then there was a black snake which I felt like an old friend. Masters, I wish to know who those two other entities are and what was actually discussed? Could you share some information on what has happened? How am I related to the snake? ~Suffian, Malaysia

ANSWER: You observed your grandmother with two of her guides who met her when she transitioned and were assisting her with her acclimation back into unconditional love. All souls need a period of time to get comfortable with leaving the heavy physicality of Earth behind and floating in the lightness of a lack of judgment and ego. Their glow was purity; her glow showed she still had some slight negativity clinging to her. It is all gone now.

The conversation had to deal with her good-byes and wishes for you to go on with your life’s journey. She was saying she would be around in a bit to advise you if and when you needed her. She also wanted you to know you had all the strength required to complete your tasks. Your unconscious remembers word for word; your consciousness didn’t need to have the knowledge.

The snake is the symbol of death and rebirth. It is familiar because you have gone through the process many, many times. It is the representation of healing and resurrection. Snakes are a part of the medical caduceus that doctors have used since early Greek physicians to let others know of their skills. You have a little bit of healing to do with your thoughts about your grandmother and death in general.

The snake came to you to let you know this was a planned death and to remind you that it only involved the physical body because the soul never dies. It will rise and have another Earthly experience when it is ready.