Spiritual changes and physical awareness

QUESTION: Masters, this past winter I was meditating a lot and my chakras were spinning all the time and I felt this energy in my head that felt like a rod going in. I felt dizzy, happy, peaceful and very connected to everything. Then it goes away and I am not sure what is happening and how I can maintain it. I don’t want it to go away! ~Stacey, USA

ANSWER: As people awaken to a realization of the essential energy of which they are composed, the sensations the physical body feels are dynamic. Meditating to enter into the energy of the universe makes you aware of the energy circulating throughout your body. The same effect occurs if you do Yoga, Tai Chi, Qigong, or any practice that quiets the mind to allow the soul to be heard.

You first become aware of the continual flow through the body. You sense that there are centers of energy directing this flow, known as the chakras. You feel that the chakras will speed the energy along if they are circulating or spinning in the proper direction and synchronously with each other. With your intention you can direct and stabilize this activity.

Once everything is flawlessly operating, an energy arises out of the bottom or root chakra and makes its way up to the top or crown chakra. This is the kundalini energy. This is a powerful force and may feel like a blast or even a bomb going off inside the body. The overall feeling is of peace, tranquility, and a connection to the whole universe.

Once you have achieved this milestone it never really goes away. What happens is that your body gets used to the feel of this power and adapts to its presence. You have that powerful sensation if you open to it but not the buildup you felt getting there. It is like when the seasons change. As it starts getting colder each year you shiver, stay inside more, turn up the heater, and pile on clothing. As the season goes on your body gets used to the cold and you find yourself going outside with your coat open and enjoying the brisk feel of the wind.

Your body has acclimated to the presence of the additional energy so you no longer sense that which is there. In the process of enlightenment you can’t go backwards. Once something has occurred you can’t undo the event. Once you know something, you don’t unknow it—that is similar to your process. You completed the awakening of the kundalini and it is there, but it is now subtle because your body accepts it.

If you do any type of meditative process your contact will be instantaneous with your soul—if you don’t sabotage it by denying it is there. Throw out your expectations of what you think should be and accept what is!