Where should we live in 2012?

QUESTION: Masters I am wondering where my family and I should be living in 2012 and beyond. Repetitive feelings and current circumstances are pointing towards a major move, but we are struggling to decide where. Advice from a trusted source states Australia. I meditate upon this, but the dream like vision I have is countered by emotional and practical concerns about distance from family & friends and major upheaval, both personal and in terms of world changes making long distance travel defunct for a time. I have read from various sourcesmostly channelledthat (some?) people are moving to be in the right place for ‘Ascension’ and the changing times. Are we contracted to be in a certain place in 2012? Are some souls playing a location-specific part in ‘anchoring in’ certain energies / frequencies at this time? I feel a calling and a responsibility, but I just don’t understand if it is linked to a specific location. ~Viki, France

ANSWER: Neither you nor your husband had made any specific plans or contracts to be in any particular place during or subsequent to 2012. There are a few souls who are positioning to be part of energy grids to facilitate the use of lightworkers’ positive energy during times of chaos. The exact scenario of 2012 from 1 January through 31 December is unfolding with each day and the intentions of all those on the planet.

Each soul is having an impact on the energy, but it is local unless they join in with groups or organizations that have the intention of affecting certain ecological events or peoples. You are all very powerful; don’t let fears and doubts drain you of your energy. You are a teacher and a leader in assisting others to feel the energy and learn to use it—mostly by your example alone.

The location where you will feel comfortable is the place you should be. There is no magic in the selection. Don’t think that because someone has the idea you need to be in a certain location, that is definitive for you. You must be in an emotional and mental state that allows you to be free of worry in order to function at your optimum.

Ascension can take place from any location at any moment that a soul has reached its “time” to return Home. The process is more one of understanding and enlightenment than of actually leaving the physical. Few souls ascend from the physical, and that is not going to change with the current cycle affecting the Earth. It is the prize that some people would like to think is being offered to the chosen, but you may equate it with the mythical “Heaven” in your reality.