What’s up with the weather?

Dear fellow souls, there is a lot of concern over your current weather phenomena. With all the talk about the greenhouse effect, pollution, and over-consumption, everyone seems to have a pet theory about the origin of this situation. A good number of people are campaigning to have governments and international corporations held responsible.

While we can confirm that all of the above-mentioned issues do have an effect upon the planet, they are not the only source of all the changes taking place. Planet Earth goes through cycles, each with certain characteristics, the best known being the ice ages, of which there is ample geological proof all over the planet.

Formation and reformation of the Earth’s tectonic plates also have a major impact upon the weather. When the plates realign and a gigantic volcano spews huge amounts of soil and minerals into the air, the atmosphere is affected to such an extent that some species can no longer exist and new growth cycles have to evolve.

Planet Earth is also suffering cosmic stress from the positioning of the other celestial bodies in an array across the universe not seen in 26,000 years. These are all things that have affected Earth many times, but never before has the whole population been aware at one time of what is happening all over the globe. You have the news media to thank for this.

Just as you cannot single-handedly change the course of a raging river, you cannot “correct” what is happening on the planet. It is as it should be.

Live your life in love, light, and laughter.

The Masters of the Spirit World.