No psychic is absolutely accurate

Q. Masters, I am in a near state of panic. I was at a Psychic fair last week and a reader told me that my husband was going to die within the next six months. I haven’t had a good night’s sleep since that day! Is there anything that I can do? Was she right in her prognostication?

A. Messages that come through from the energetic plane are subject to interpretation by those who deliver them. We do not communicate in a language that is unequivocally understandable; rather, we convey thoughts, pictures, and sensations that have to be translated into your language.

The degree to which the receiver can eliminate personal thoughts and just repeat ours indicates how accurate the reading will be. No person who is translating ideas from the other side is 100% accurate all the time.

There is another influence that affects the accuracy of readings. It has to do with the wisdom that readers have about spiritual matters so that they can interpret our sayings. When receivers color the information we provide with their own incorrect beliefs as to how life is on the other side, the readings cannot then be accurate.

The last, but definitely not the least important, factor is whether the receivers are making sure that they are talking only to souls of the light and not to discarnate souls who have left their bodies but still inhabit the Earth plane. These beings generally love to make people miserable because they themselves have not returned to the unconditional love of Home and want others to feel lost as they are.

Each soul determined before coming into a physical body what lessons it wished to learn, and when it wished to return Home. Of course it does not have any memory of that now, but it has made contracts with others to be available to help them with various issues and will not leave until they are complete.

Your husband still has a number of things he has promised to complete, both with you and with the children. His soul can exercise freedom of choice to modify those promises, but it has no such ideas at the present time. Rest easy.