Night adventures

QUESTION: Masters do I Astral travel in the night? I want to know if I go anywhere in the night. And how I can remember it. I have a feeling that I go because sometimes I wake up in the night and few things happen that point to my astral travel. For instance, he gave me water to drink while I was sleeping but I don’t remember when I wake up. Was my soul not there. I am desperately looking for some answers. ~Tani, Canada

ANSWER: Your body is never completely without some portion of your soul being in residence. The physical would cease to be viable and die if the entire soul left. What does change is where your consciousness is and the degree of awareness it has of your location. It is similar to daydreaming, where you are located in one place but your mind and consciousness wander off to image or relive some exciting adventure taking place elsewhere.

The physical body needs to rest and regenerate energy through sleep, during which your bodily consciousness shuts down. The soul needs no such time off so it travels around while the body rests, and usually the aware consciousness goes with it. The soul can only totally be aware of, and live in, one place at a time.

Your physicalness “remembers” easily only the things your current mind has been a party to doing. When your soul goes off wandering, if you haven’t advised yourself that you wish to recall the travels, they are lost. The same is true of the nightly dreams you experience if you don’t awaken during them or take notice of them immediately upon waking. Asking your consciousness to include these trips in your memory when you are awake will assist.

If the soul remembers doing something in a past life and wants to renew its lessons concerning it, the soul may go to “night school” for refresher courses to bring back the learning, if not the exact lesson. This also occurs if the soul wishes to see a different perspective on a situation with which you are dealing.

There is nothing to fear in not having complete awareness of your nighttime travels. Curiosity is what is plaguing you more than anything else. Start going to sleep with the conscious thought that you desire to remember everything you do while the body rests. It may take a while to make the connection, but keep trying.