Awareness of evolution

QUESTION: Masters, I’ve been noticing that it seems my interactions with people have changed a lot, and it feels the essence of I Am is the one talking to them together with all there is. Sometimes I feel that the talk it’s only about societal things without judgments as if it’s not the moment for spiritual subjects. But when it’s “the moment” everything is happening spontaneously as if the ego doesn’t exist anymore, and I am just the voice for the universal consciousness. What happens when people get in touch with me nowadays, their ego seems to be quiet in my presence and they look different after talking to me. Could you please confirm/explain about this & why do I feel as if I became a “master”? Any lessons remaining? Why do I feel that I am at the end of my reincarnation journey…What was the main lesson and purpose I imagined for this lifetime? ~Natnas, Canada

ANSWER: You are a soul who is having a human experience. The purpose for souls to engage in life in a duality is to remember who they are as a piece of Source energy and to seek out the unconditionally loving positive energy of Home. You are shifting back and forth between your own awakening into non-ego judgment and evaluation of the benefits of societal knowledge.

You are expressing your essence when you speak without ego or any trace of negativity. Others feel that you are not engaging in the ego battle of grading, rating, and judging what is happening, and they stop to consider how it relates to them and if they can join the discussion. That is the societal sensation you mention. When people decide they want to duplicate your energy, they walk away from negative energy and put their egos on hold.

You use the term “master” but that is not a true representation of the actions occurring here. You are becoming enlightened in that you are bringing your essence of spirituality alive in the third-dimensional world. A master is someone who has completed all the facets of an Earthly characteristic by undergoing many, many lifetimes studying it from all possible directions.

Whether or not you ever reincarnate again is your choice. It is impossible for a soul while still in a human body to say what they may or may not do after they return Home and examine all they have accomplished.