Message from beyond

QUESTION: Masters, I have been told by 3 different psychics, who I did not ask for readings, that they had a message for me from my guides, that I need to develop my spiritual abilities and help people. I was told that as time goes on, I will be able to communicate with my guides and hear them more clearly. Is there anything I can do to help me on this journey? I am not sure how to begin tapping into these abilities. My guides don’t give them any more details to the message. I don’t even
know what these abilities are exactly but I keep getting this message year after year. Please give me some insight into this. ~Holly, USA

ANSWER: When a soul has made plans to do something while they are on Earth and time is passing with no memory of what that mission was, your guides may step in and try to remind you depending upon how assertive you were during the planning. A guide will not contact you and attempt to tell you what to do if you had not granted prior permission.

Every soul’s purpose in coming is to understand who they are as a piece of Source energy and just what the powers and abilities available to them actually are. To reach a position of being able to use any of these abilities, you first have to accept that they exist and that you have access to them. If you accept that Source is all-powerful, all-magnificent, all-knowing, and all-creative, then you are getting nearer to seeing what you can do within your body.

Developing your spirituality has to do with moving away from negativity and ego judgment, going into positive thinking and evaluation. You have completed the other lessons you chose for this life because you wanted extra time to assist others on their journeys.

You hadn’t decided exactly what form that would take, but you had considered being a channel to communicate messages from Home to Earth, being a teacher for others to understand what connecting with their inner essences was like, or helping people know they had freedom of choice in all matters in this life. Your guides are available to assist you with working on any, or all, of these possibilities.

Learning to go from thinking into feeling is the first step. When you only think, you are just repeating what has been delivered to you through the words of others or things you have read. It may have nothing to do with your own experiences or what resonates with you.

During quiet periods in your day, or as you lie down at night, ask your guides to introduce themselves and help you feel more comfortable with your talents. This can also be done during a meditation where you create a special meeting room to which you can invite those who can assist you in your journey. Take your time. Don’t get flustered if the going is slow. And always remember you have freedom of choice to do this or not, or to call a halt at any time you choose.