I know more than you do

QUESTION: Masters there was no email to respond to you regarding your message, so I have to respond here. Thank you for your answer about Animals! but I completely disagree with quite a bit of your answer. This sentence you say… “But the ones without souls aren’t vital to the learning experience of the soul on their journey toward a spiritual experience” is totally untrue and not accurate. I feel I know more about animals whether they have a soul or not than you. I feel I am at a much higher vibration than you. Sorry so called Masters, your answer was very off. ~Susie, NZ

ANSWER: As we always say, every soul creates their own reality and you have crafted yours. Your beliefs vary from what we can see from our prospective in unconditionally loving Source energy.  All originates from our place of observation.

Living, animate, objects have differing interactions with various people. Some people have no contact whatsoever with what we call pets. In other scenarios, the pets create the world of the human. You have a sensitivity to the energy contained within animals, and whether the animal be animated by a soul or energy alone, you see them all as individuals, which they are.

Souls come to Earth to learn within the duality by using their freedom of choice. They will frequently make contracts or agreements with other souls to interact with them in some fashion for that purpose of learning. But sometimes the soul chooses to create the environment for their learning, using objects that have no soul. This does not make the event any less dynamic for the individual, but it just isn’t with another soul.

Animated objects without souls respond to the actions of everything around them so that they cannot be distinguished from a soul-bearing animal. Many people have the belief that their pet chicken, pig, lamb, or calf has a soul because of their actions, when the majority do not. They will swear that the animal is sentient and responsive to the love they are bestowing upon it, which they are. A soul is not needed for that activity. Even a plant can respond to stimuli from a person.

We honor your choice to feel as you do. But aren’t your statements a bit judgmental? Judging another is the work of the ego, which exists only within the positive/negative realm. Evaluating, and giving some credence, to the opinions of others is a spiritual approach from a place of unconditional love. Vibrations have trouble rising out of a negative environment where judgment lurks.