Wanting it my way

QUESTION: Masters is there any way I can tell my spirit guides that I don’t want to learn whatever lessons I’m apparently supposed to surrounding romantic rejection and always falling just a bit short of accomplishing my professional goals? I truly don’t care about the lessons and would like to be removed from that path even if it aims to make me wiser. I’d prefer to be foolish and happy with a great partner and
professional success. Do I simply ignore spirituality in general in order to make this happen? ~Reece, USA

ANSWER: Your spirit guides are not setting your lessons into play – you are. You decided what you wanted to do and, thus, unconsciously bring to yourself the necessary people and energies to accomplish your wishes. Of course, you do have freedom of choice, so you can change your mind.

But think, why did you come to Earth? You came for one reason only, and that was to learn who you are, what powers and abilities you possess as a piece of Source energy, and to gain understanding and wisdom that you may forever use in future incarnations.

If you stop all your lessons now, you will be going against your own wishes and, in fact, wasting the rest of this incarnation. There is nothing that says you can’t do that, but why would you? You went through all the planning to be where you are now. You set up the staging with family, location, and friends just to have the experiences that have been presented to you.

You have an idea what your chosen lessons are since you have identified fears and doubts within your life. You can send them on their way and proceed in another direction simply by completing the desired tasks. All you need to do is work to understand them and not continually repeat the same activities over and over again.

Whatever you decide is up to you – not your guides. They don’t determine anything; they are merely available to advise if you ask them a question. Anyone else you hear giving you “advice” is a negative, discarnate spirit trying to mess with your progress.

All we have talked about is the spiritual path you are on. You can, as you have suggested, disregard the fact that you are a soul having a human experience and, instead, become a negative, ego-loving person. You can deny the spiritual educational trip you are undertaking and go forth judging what you decide is good and bad for you. The choice is yours.