Which way is the right way?

QUESTION: Masters, I have been following the signs the universe is giving me like a treasure hunt. It seems like miracles are generally overlooked. They are taking me somewhere good I know it but the gifts they are bringing contradict where I’m going. I would love more than anything to continue this journey but is it worth giving up what I’ve worked my whole life to gain? ~Keegan, US

ANSWER: The universe brings to a soul the things that it wished to experience. But the soul has total freedom of choice whether to accept them or not. You can change your direction during an incarnation at any time, at will.

The limiting factor in humanity is the ego mind and its adhered-to expectations. When you decide that you will accept one and only one possible direction, which is perfectly within your life plan, you disregard the assistance offered by your higher self and your guides. This is at your discretion.

On a spiritual journey, nothing is right or wrong. You may start and stop any activity and follow your intuition or your decided direction and still be learning about the journey of a soul.

You must ask yourself why you are here and what benefits you gain by the actions you take. When you depart this life, can you take with you any of the money or prestige you have worked so hard to gain? How do you “feel” about the miracles and the gifts? Do they fulfill you in a way that nothing else can? Have you learned all there is to gain from where you are now, and would you only be repeating the same lessons over and over?

You know that the choice is always yours and that you are a soul having a human experience to learn who you truly are. It is up to you to decide the method you follow. Pick and choose, go back and forth, until something just “clicks” and defines this life for you. Let your feelings, not your brain, be your map.