Different version of Earth?

QUESTION: Masters are there different dimensional versions of earth existing on higher and lower frequencies? AKA 3rd 4th 5th and so on? ~David, Britain

ANSWER: Everything is energy and energy is everything, and each soul creates their own illusion of reality. There are also no absolutes that are shared by all; everything is as you accept with your human belief systems. Frequencies exist within the human dimension to differentiate various depths of awareness.

Remember, Earth is a physical thing that is not subjected to the solely energetic qualities of the nonphysical. We are speaking only of what is perceived by the human body and its various means of interacting with its bodily sensors, taste, feeling, smell, cognitive awareness – but all through the physical body – not just what is possible to create through manipulation.

One of the “dimensions” available to the soul while it is having a human experience is the ability to shift between the memories of the various past times it has inhabited the Earth. If one’s awareness is on an existence in 2019 and then shifts to another existence in 1875, and further to a time remembered from 2121, it appears that there are different versions of Earth, but in reality, they are observations of the same planet from the perspective of different linear progression points it has gone through.

In our teachings we refer to different dimensions such as 3rd, 4th, and 5th but we use those terms merely to speak of the soul’s status points. Third is a completely physical energetic environment composed of negative and positive energy (the duality); fourth is where the soul can vacillate between physical and nonphysical settings and negative and wholly positive surroundings; and fifth is a nonphysical location of totally unconditionally loving positive energy.