The soul’s power over the body

QUESTION: Masters, I am learning that I am not my thoughts, I am the observer of my thoughts. So being aware of this, I can begin to notice when my thoughts go to negative patterns. I can then begin to change my thoughts to something more positive and intentional. I am making a choice. I have wondered about diseases like depression, alcoholism, gambling, etc. We are learning that these diseases can be a symptom of a chemical imbalance of the brain. So, these diseases may not be a choice. My question is what is the best strategy to treat these diseases? Are drugs that affect the chemical imbalance the answer? Or, can we affect a change by changing our thought patterns?  I feel that we may not understand how much power we have to shift our thinking. That changes our intentions, then our actions?  Can you advise? ~Aj, US

[In compliance with US law, the Spirit Masters do not diagnose or prescribe for medical conditions. Their observations are spirit-based and concern life lessons. Readers may like to review details of the Masters’ booklet/ebook on healing.]

ANSWER: The human experience is a soul deciding to come into the duality for the purpose of learning about choices. A soul is a piece of Source energy, having been broken off from it. Therefore, each soul is omnipotent and has the ability to create, manipulate, and control all aspects of its human existence.

This is not a carte blanche power since the soul has handicapped itself with conditions created to enable it to be presented with very specific lessons – as, in this case, ones concerning addictions. The restrictions enabled for addictions may be mental, emotional, genetic, or chemical in nature. The learning aspect is understanding the nature of the problem and implementing choices to reverse its effects.

The first step always involves the subject’s realizing it needn’t continue with the affliction but has the ability to modify its life. A majority of the populace feels they have no choice in life. The spiritual path is in the realization that each person is in control of their own human future.

Everyone’s thoughts arise out of the belief systems they have developed throughout life. They are composed of things told to them by family, teachers, and society. Because it is easier, most just accept without question what others say and hold to those beliefs. These will unconsciously control people’s behavior unless/until they decide to change them.

Changing your beliefs redirects your entire existence. It is possible to have an effect upon your physical condition by the “ideas” you accept as possibilities. If you feel you can change your mental state, and you proceed unquestionably and unconditionally, you will find that it works. Any doubts and it will fail.

In severe disruption cases, it is necessary to intervene medically, such as with a medication, to allow the conscious mind to have the understanding necessary to help direct future thoughts and actions. Changing the intentions then overrides the need for further medication.

The soul, within the body, is incredibly powerful. The person must first accept that principle, believe they can use it, and then have the intention to create what they desire.