QUESTION: Masters, many spiritual teachers tell us that we, humans, can self-heal and correct any physical malady. Is this true? Others and I have tried to do many suggested practices, which essentially are techniques to access one’s subconscious mind and direct it to heal physical issues. Despite effort I still have physical maladies and aging issues. How do others and I “cure” ourselves physically if it can be done? And if it can be: how many humans are currently physically perfect and why has every human I have ever met gotten sick, injured and age? ~Christina, USA

ANSWER: Souls came into existence by being broken off from Source, who is all-powerful, all-magnificent, all-creative, and all-knowing. Since you have this energy as your essence, you have these powers and abilities as well. That said, you have the ability to create, manipulate, repair, or replace your physical self.

This all comes with two caveats: You may not interfere with a life lesson in progress, and you must have absolute confidence in and acceptance of your abilities entering into the “re-structuring” – with no doubts, not even a smidgeon.

This is a near impossibility for a soul having a human experience because it conflicts with the belief systems of society. These beliefs are given to you while you are young and mostly never changed by you. Society says what you are seeking to do isn’t possible. Unless you have reviewed your beliefs, and re-written them with reformation as a possibility, this will prevent accomplishing something you have just read about.

The soul comes to Earth to learn various things without any intention of staying much past the completion of these tasks. For this reason, the human body has remained subject to its environment. If one learns their lessons in 50 years, there is no reason to remain for 150. Dealing with the natural progression of aging is built into many lesson plans. A condition that is needed for one particular learning process could be considered a disability within another.

The world around you is an illusion constructed by you to provide the experiences you previously chose. Energy is everything and everything is energy. Therefore, through your power of manipulation, it is possible to create whatever you desire.

The controlling factor is intention directed through unconditional love. Ego judgment, e.g., that you want to correct a “wrong,” will defeat your actions. It must be done to manifest the highest and greatest good of the person being modified. If it goes against any of their intentions, plans, or desires, it cannot succeed.

Perfection is a judgment coming from the ego. It is also a reflection of Source, the understanding of which gave inspiration to Source to send pieces of itself into a duality to find out what it was not.