Why can’t I prosper?

QUESTION: Masters I was born poor, but happy. I have never been prosperous and scarcity has been with me since childhood. I have always strived to study and work for a comfortable life. I never succeeded. There has never been a lack of food or housing, but my achievements are just that. My decisions have always led me to scarcity. Things have gotten worse since my second marriage in which I and four other people depend on the same income. In the most difficult moment I created a cycle of scarcity. I have struggled in my inner shift and tried to open up prosperity by using the law of attraction, despite some advances, the results are still very weak. So, what life lesson is hidden? Should I stop trying to attract prosperity and focus on the spiritual growth that this lesson gives me?  ~José, Brazil

ANSWER: The life lesson you are fulfilling is one of taking responsibility for the choices you have made. Your decision to take on financial responsibility for additional people has used up all the possible discretionary money your work has brought to you. You started out with a poverty mentality from your family and have not learned all the possible lessons from it.

You can try bringing money in through the law of attraction, but it will not help until you analyze the total situation of your life, including your expenses when judged against your potential income. Be honest with your family’s spending. Yes, you would like to be able to provide them with more than you are capable of at this time, but it is impossible.

Prosperity is not just monetary. Prosperity is the ability for your life to abound with happiness, health, sharing, and love. Appreciate all that is possible for you – that is your lesson. Sometime in the future, when you rejoice in your physical prosperity, you may be ready to also have some degree of monetary prosperity.