Soul vs. mind and brain

QUESTION: Masters how am I to perceive the role of the soul in an incarnation on Earth with respect to the functioning of the normal human mind and brain? The human mind functions with inputs mostly from the brain, it’s senses and the body. How does the soul influence the mind in order to achieve its purpose on Earth? How to perceive the role of the soul in a day to day activity on Earth. “Free Will” belongs to mind or soul? ~Oinam, India

ANSWER: You are not a human who just happens to contain a soul. You are a soul who has chosen to have a human experience. The soul is the essence of the person you see in the mirror every day. It has the freedom of choice of which you speak. The physical body, containing the brain with its memory cells (or hard drive) and the mind, is the sensory awareness you have within this lifetime – the human aspect of the soul’s journey.

When the soul is in its original form, which is an amorphous cloud of energy that knows all, senses all, and can be in a number of places at the same time, it is not limited by a single point of awareness such as the body is with its mind. The soul chooses the lessons it wishes to deal with while in a body and gives that mind/brain amnesia concerning its purpose.

As the human goes through its life cycle, it gathers information that is stored in the brain for the use of the mind in selecting choices. Because the soul has freedom of choice, the mind also has freedom to choose that which it wants to understand. Since the brain is very pedantic, it frequently does not see that it has freedom to choose because it does not recognize the available choices.

Truly taking advantage of freedom of choice sometimes needs the realization of the composition of Earth with its duality of negative and positive energies (a hint of spirituality). This allows one to see the difference between negative ego judgment and positive loving energy.

You are trying to separate the physical brain/mind from the nonphysical soul, and it cannot be done. Without the soul nothing else could, or would, exist. The soul does not influence the body except in providing wisdom it has gathered from past lives when the human aspect goes looking to connect with it. As long as the body remains entrenched in the ego judgment, the soul is pushed aside and the brain/mind is on its own to learn and make choices if it can see any.