Love for stepdaughter

QUESTION: Masters I am a 42 year old man and my question is about my stepdaughter. I know her since 2 years old. When she was a child, I felt certain repulsion for her, for no apparent reason. When she became an adult, I began to feel strong attraction to her and I am now in love with her. I suspect she does not feel anything for me. Other times, I think she hides a reciprocal feeling. I know we cannot be together. We made love once. She asked me to stop this error and since then I’m trying to forget her. What kind of lesson would be behind it all? I feel confused and disoriented. I hope to receive some guidance to get me out of this problem. ~João, Brazil

ANSWER: You are battling your conscience, which is the result of belief-system rules created by society. This whole lesson concerns understanding discernment. Discernment is learning about judgment, taste, discretion, and sensitivity. You are very sensitive to energy and respond to it.

In the beginning, the feelings you had for your stepdaughter were the result of a negative residual energy she was carrying. As she aged and began making her own decisions, she shed that energy and became mostly positive. She is a beautiful soul with whom you have shared a number of different lifetimes. This familiarity is what draws you to her. It is easy and it is comfortable.

Your entire existence is currently being controlled by your sexual desires. You have become fixated on your stepdaughter and have done nothing to direct your energies in any other way. From a spiritual perspective nothing is right or wrong, but you are living in a third-dimensional, ego-based, judgment society that directs you to comply with their idea of propriety.

It is impossible to control others unless they consent to being controlled. Your stepdaughter feels the weight of society’s dictates and wants to be left alone by you so that she does not have to make the decision to ignore her feelings. Honor her life’s path. Let her find her own way through this life.

Explore your feelings for her mother and other suitable prospects. Understand that you are creating an impossible situation for her if you continue with your feelings for her. The decision is totally yours, but the impact can be devastating for your stepdaughter.