Anticipating results

QUESTION: Masters I’ve been developing my spiritual side for quite a while now and I’m currently focused on connecting with my divine self, my true self, so I can be all that I can be, manifesting a better situation of life (my divine rights). Life (situations) has been very demanding and sometimes I get very frustrated because I don’t see much result, feels like repeating the same situations. What is it that I’m not seeing in these conditions? Maybe this is all appropriate and I’m just impatient? Is there something that I could do to get off this circle and allow a new, more comfortable experience, and Spirit to manifest? ~Ricardo, Brazil

ANSWER: You are trying to battle the life lessons you chose for this lifetime instead of understanding and working through them. Any time a situation repeats, it is because it is a lesson and you did not learn from it. You can work through an event and then just drop it without examining what happened. The lesson is then thrown out without learning enough to prevent it from recurring. And it will come back until you acknowledge what it is you wanted to learn.

Life lessons are demanding; they must be acknowledged, understood, learned from, and turned into wisdom, or the underlying cause returns again and again. One of your lessons is patience. Another is learning to live in the moment so that you observe and are aware of what is happening in your immediate surroundings and to you, yourself.

You see a situation beginning to happen, anticipate what will come next, and don’t wait to see how it affects you because you are too busy moving on to something else. You have to participate in the actions you draw to yourself for the purpose of learning. Your frustrations show that your “anticipations” about life are not coming true. But you have no control over things around you, only your reaction to them.

Anticipations are detrimental and limiting to a soul. They force you to look at a situation in the way you decided things will play out, and only that way. You do not see why the situation is there, how you can work with it, how you can change the outcome, and how it applies to the rest of your life. You miss the whole reason it occurs.

Try to stop having anticipations. Go with the flow of the energy of an event without predicting or directing where it will go. This will allow you to see all the possibilities, and then, using your freedom of choice, you will be able to complete the task you desired and learn the lesson.