Fear of death and illness

QUESTION: Masters, I feel strong fear of death and fear of sickness. Sometimes that makes me feel totally incapable to do anything. What would I do with this feeling and how to connect with my Higher Self? ~Eeva, Finland

ANSWER: Whenever one senses a fear or a doubt, that is an indication they are looking at a life lesson they chose before coming to Earth. A soul incarnates (enters a body) for the purpose of remembering and finding out who they are as a soul and what abilities and powers they possess. They set up a series of interconnected human traits to allow themselves to see the negativity in the event and then, using their freedom of choice, to turn the negativity into a loving, positive energy.

Around the fear of illness are lessons concerning realization of a lack of control, a lack of the comfort of the known, a potential loss of independence, and being dependent on others. There’s also the question of what others will think of you: will they shun you, stay away and ignore you, or confine you somewhere alone?

A fear of death reflects the beliefs of a vast majority of society and religious organizations that it is the “judgment day,” when you will have to pay for everything you have done wrong by their standards – the bulk of which you never understood. In reality, it is simply a transition from the physical to the nonphysical.

From a spiritual perspective, you fear you will have not completed what you came down to do and will have to do it all over again. You need to accept and know that you are a soul who has been broken off from Source energy and are magnificent, all-powerful, all-knowing, and all-creative. You can do anything you believe you can.

Tapping into your internal essence of unconditional love, you are able to work through anything that you draw to yourself. Take one step at a time, and each time a fear emerges, ask: why is this here, and what may I learn from it? The only important thing is what you think about your life, not what others think or have said. Feel comfortable with yourself, and take baby steps until you are comfortable with your decisions.