Is being a homebody dangerous?

QUESTION: Masters my favorite place to be is at home. I love to cook; read books; organize; and be with my family. I never really feel a need to spend time with friends or go to bars or events. I am not anti-social just content to be home. But most people don’t feel that way. They always want to be going somewhere. Why can’t people just be content at home? Am I just hindering myself? ~Valerie, USA

ANSWER: Everyone is different. Souls have chosen to have a variety of experiences while on Earth. People who are afraid of taking responsibility for their lives cannot think or make decisions for themselves and constantly want others to tell them what to do. These types need to be in the immediate vicinity of others or they feel afraid, fearing abandonment or making mistakes.

Souls who are working on getting to know themselves and what abilities they have can do it more easily when not constantly being interfered with by others. You are one such individual. Your lessons have included learning about love, family, intellectual exploration, and stepping back to witness and observe what those around you are doing.

You feel some pressure from society to conform to the pattern of the majority: needing the advice of others. You are your own person and honor yourself enough to need only the inner feelings of your soul to decide what is best for you.

You are definitely not hindering yourself. To follow all the lemmings that need to run around with the crowd would be for you to deny who you are. People who cannot be content alone or at home are those who don’t love themselves or the journey they are on.

Continue to do what feels right to you and ignore all the taunts and gibes of others. They envy your freedom. To be satisfied with your life as it is without the need of the rest of society, or fulfilling society’s idea of living, is a choice that is yours to make.

You have the freedom that others crave. You decide what you do and when you do it. You don’t waste time in lounges or with people who are not on the same wavelength. You are at a point in your development toward which others strive. Go for it, girl!