QUESTION: Masters, thank you for all your answers! I’ve been wondering why are humans drinking alcohol and using drugs? I drink alcohol and I also smoke tobacco and sometimes weed also. Who invented these and why? Is it to control people and keep us in 3D? I know that some marijuana products are used as treatment to some diseases and they help. Is that true? ~Matina, Spain

ANSWER: We would ask you why you are eating meat, sugar, processed foods, and anything unnatural. The entire third-dimensional world is set up for the purpose of learning about yourself and who you really are as a spiritual being by seeing what choices you make that affect your body.

The human body is the means by which you interact with the environment of Earth. Everything you put into the body helps you learn. You learn about nutrition, allergies, beneficial products, and destructive materials.

The soul having this human experience must ingest substances in order to see how the human body reacts to them. How do alcoholic beverages impact the physiological, mental, and/or emotional body? In some cultures fermented drinks allow for a communion with spirit. Some people need them to overcome severe inhibitions or lack of self-confidence. And there are those people who run away from living by placing themselves in a state of unconsciousness from alcohol or drugs.

Fermentation is a natural process that occurs when certain substances come in contact in the presence of heat. It wasn’t invented, just discovered. For centuries humans have experimented with the results of this process. Many different plants have been “smoked” for the resulting taste, euphoric effect, or alteration of the mood and thought process. This again was discovered through experimentation.

Marijuana comes from the hemp plant, a wild weed that was found to be useful in the making of clothing. For centuries it was used to provide bags for storage and transportation. In most cases, the psychedelic properties were discovered when wild fires ignited patches of it or scraps were thrown in the fire and the smoke was found to affect the human body.

Substances within various forms of the marijuana plant do have medicinal qualities that assist patients with side effects of drugs used to treat several conditions. Some strains have been found to affect the brains of children with seizure disorders, and most of these do not have the psychedelic properties.

All of these things to which the body may become addicted are naturally occurring. It is man himself who chooses to experiment and become dependent on them. This is frequently a life lesson chosen in order to learn to exercise freedom of choice.