Am I sharing my body?

QUESTION Masters! Could I be sharing my body with another soul or is someone with me? I had always felt that there was someone with me (I believe sometimes that it is the aborted sibling before I was born) even when I was little I asked my mother if I ever had a twin or something because I felt it in me that there was someone and until I was old enough I found out my mom had an abortion. I often feel it is a man and I am a woman. If you could help me please! ~Maria, Guatemala

ANSWER: Your body is yours alone – no one has hopped on board. You have a number of personal guides with whom you made contracts, before coming to Earth, to stay close beside you and help you feel, and remain in contact with, the nonphysical world. As you examine the trials and tribulations of the physical life on Earth, these various souls are trying to assist you to observe all possibilities instead of just reacting to situations.

Stop trying to find an explanation for what you sense; just see how these sensations make you feel. That is the only important part of this collaboration. The feelings of male and female energy are correct because the guides are trying to get you to interpret situations from all perspectives – and every soul is sexless, having all the characteristics that, on Earth, define gender.

If you start thinking of these energies as invisible helpers and friends, it will be easier to interact with them. When you think something has invaded you, your intellect sees that as threatening and intrusive. Start asking them questions when you are falling asleep at night. This way any answer you awake with will be from them and not your mind analyzing things for you. Remember to ask that you recollect the answer in the morning.

Sometimes negative entities do take up residence in someone’s body, but the person would then feel totally controlled and unable to make any decisions. As you can see, this is not the case for you.