Listening to self or others?

QUESTION: Masters, I am in a difficult situation in my life at the moment. The love of my life is trying to protect me with something and is asking me to stop with what I love doing and think I am good at doing! Been through a written test and passed but just got a little way to go for my practical test before being approved. Worked so hard with this but also know he might be right to protect me. I know working with the Spirit World can be risky and I know that I can attract some who are fascinated with me but most of the times I protect myself and my Family. Just don’t know what to do, do I stop because already know what I am good at or carry on, please need some advice! ~SC, Holland

ANSWER: Someone can get you to do something only if you agree. Your love does not totally understand what it is that you can do. His advice to you is coming out of fear – not to protect you but to lessen his own fears. Because he is a very physical person he dreads anything to do with the nonphysical. There are many more beautiful and beneficial spirits drifting around than negative discarnates. Any time you are working to aid another, healing guides are present and more will come if you ask.

He feels negative energy easily because he associates with a lot of negative people. He doesn’t know how to bring in positive energy to combat it. He is afraid that when you assist clients in getting rid of negativity, it will attach itself to you and therefore come visiting him.

You are extremely careful and proficient at dealing with negative entities. If you continue protecting yourself and your surroundings, you will not gather any attachments. After a treatment, removing any negativity in and around returns it to other negative deposits or helps it go into the light.

The more you work with universal life-force energy and unconditionally loving Source energy, the stronger and more efficient you will find your work. Every soul has total freedom of choice. You should not let him make up your mind for you – do what feels like your path. You have very rapidly become passionate for this work, and it will only get better.