Confusion about death

QUESTION: Masters, my husband died in my arms, a victim of cancer. We spent seven years together, with many difficulties, many of them were financial difficulties, but I think we mature together. I think he was my companion in this life. I would like to know how he is now, and if he suffered in the last moments. I would also like he forgive me for the lack of patience and everything I did wrong for him. I am too sad and don’t know what to do to complete my lessons of life. May I do something to help him somehow and help myself? ~Adriana, Brazil

ANSWER: Once the soul leaves the physical body, it enters into unconditional love with no negativity – therefore no pain or regrets. As your husband’s body went through the last phases of the disease, his soul and consciousness spent more time outside the body than in it. In other words, the physical pain was not affecting his awareness.

You were with him in this life to witness this trial he had requested and to learn more about yourself. Since this was your journey as well as his, you did nothing that could be considered wrong since it was all for the experience. Patience was a life lesson you wished to deal with and you learned by being able to know when you felt you were too brisk with your actions.

Examine what occurred during your time together and you will see the lessons on which you were working. Understanding the way you now feel and think about your actions will help you further learn and understand your lessons.

Take one day at a time. Honor the magnificent life you witnessed and the one you are living. Continue to send unconditional love to your husband – and don’t forget yourself. Love is the answer to all awareness, learning, and growth.