Everything is a lesson

QUESTION: Masters, I love my husband but, we have different opinions regarding spirituality. He’s Jewish, still carries some hate and distrust toward Muslims and has a general negative view of the world. I’m seeking my way to learn to ascend, love unconditionally and make heaven on Earth. Why are we together if we are so different? What is my mission on Earth? ~Patricia, USA

ANSWER: You put yourself in situations where you may complete your life lessons and gather an understanding about yourself and the human process. You have many things presented by your husband and his beliefs that are examples you may use to hone your spiritual growth.

When souls are working on the process of enlightenment, they realize the need to release any vestige of judgment and start turning toward evaluation instead. On the spiritual path nothing is right or wrong; it is simply an opportunity to learn lessons. Your husband’s beliefs hold him to a standard that requires him to have very defined judgments about peoples and religions.

He has never comprehended that he is not making his own decisions about things but simply relying on what he has been taught without ever examining the doctrines. The nature of his thoughts leads him to join in the general negativity and to be satisfied with residing there instead of attempting to seek positive alternatives.

Open to the energies that are around your relationship. This is a lesson of discernment – how it feels, where you side, what you choose to do. You are examining the law that all souls have freedom of choice if they recognize it and choose to use it. You also see that no matter what you say to others, it is impossible to get them to take action or change their mind about something unless they choose to do so.

This situation is teaching you to honor yourself and the beliefs you have chosen to follow. You are being true to your feelings and intuition when you turn away from the negativity your husband brings into the house. Your mission is to understand who you are as a soul and to use those powers and abilities to create a reality in which to continue growing.

Accept that your husband’s way is his chosen path. Love that he is learning from his beliefs even if it does not match something you would choose for yourself. Make your own choices about the future. Choosing to walk away from the negativity is one way you may go, but the choice is yours. He is not going to change.