Human souls, spirits?

QUESTION: Masters, human souls get recycled through different lives in physical bodies, but spirits are metaphysical and live nearly eternally. Is it possible to change a human soul into a spirit or a spirit into a human soul? What would you need to do, and who would you need to ask to make this transformation possible? ~Hannah, USA

ANSWER: This is another case where the use of words is not standardized, and cross-meaning complicates understanding. Source broke off pieces of itself in order to have experiences in the physical realm. These pieces are called souls, and like Source, they are composed of energy and are eternal.

They are “souls” whether they currently inhabit a human body or are in the nonphysical realm of unconditionally loving Source. Some people refer to souls who are not in physical form as spirits. There is no such thing as a human soul, merely a human who is animated by a soul. Some say that the energy inside of humans is their spirit.

Souls are never totally in one place or another since they are energetic and may be in more than one place at a time. While incarnate on Earth, they mostly reside within the human body, but a portion of their essence remains at home with Source.

In whatever form they have, souls exhibit freedom of choice in all matters concerning their existence. The choice of lives on Earth, or elsewhere, is totally up to the individual soul. They enter physical form to have experiences not possible when they are energy. The choice of human experiences, or whether to be physical or remain nonphysical, is completely up to each soul. No permission is needed from anyone.