Climate changes

QUESTION: Masters, climate change is causing global warming and it is all due to the way we live our lives-raising and killing of animals for food. The karmic energies from the killing of animals for food have been condensed for many countless years. It has now reached a point of destruction to our entire planet Earth. The only way to save the planet is to make good karma: Be Loving! Be Veg! Go Green! What is your mind? Please elaborate.           ~Melvin, Singapore

ANSWER: We concur that the production of food for the masses does impact the climate of your planet. However, it is not just the production of the animal products that has this effect, but also some of the techniques used in farming grain, fruits, and vegetables.

“Karma”, as you are using the term here, meaning punishment, does not have anything to do with what is occurring on your planet. The planet is going through a cyclic transition caused by the position of the planet in the heavens, the natural periodic changes of the planet itself, and the influence of the other planets and celestial bodies in your Universe.

There are more volcanoes spewing carbon dioxide into the atmosphere and oceans than is produced by the automobiles and factories. The melting of the polar icecaps is partially caused by the volcanic activity miles beneath the surface of the Arctic and Antarctic oceans, which is raising the temperature of the water. The current recent decrease in the average temperature currently taking place all over the world, with an increase in snow and precipitation, is the result of the lessening of eruptions from the surface of your sun.

We agree with you that being gentler on Mother Earth will help the destruction which is taking place. Sending energy to the Earth to help it counter some of the effects taking place will slow the process and possibly start to reverse it. Being conscious of the methods used to produce all food sources is a very important first step.