Asexual life style

QUESTION: Masters, I have always felt different from others as I was growing up. I realized I wasn’t comfortable with the idea of having to have sex. I prefer a romantic companionship. The code word for it is “asexual.” I’m 26 years old and no one would even think I’m this way because of my personality. But this is who I am and it’s hard to be me in this world. I always felt maybe I feel this way because I am from a different planet. Can you tell me why I feel this way? Will I find someone like me? I greatly appreciate anything you can impart that could clear things up.                       ~Jamilliah,  New Zealand

ANSWER: You are not from a different planet. You have chosen a number of interesting life lessons in your past lives. One life that was a very happy one for you was as a protective harem slave where you had been castrated. You were extremely fond of all the women, and they loved you because you posed no threat to them. You lived to a very old age and died peacefully in your sleep.

That life was for you to resolve how you felt about sexual identity. You never confronted your thoughts on it because you chose to just accept your lot in life and never questioned how you felt. This lifetime the energy of “non-identity” is still firing, and what you do about it is your choice. Nothing is right or wrong when it comes to learning lessons.

This lesson can play out in several different scenarios. You can strive to find another who wishes life to provide only companionship without a physical aspect, or you can examine what your true feelings are about each sex. The sex act itself is perceived as dangerous to you because of the dire consequences in your past life of anyone having relations with a harem occupant.

Do you sense that your feelings are about the dangers of a relationship? Do you feel you are in the right sex body? You may continue as you are and look for a mate, or you can work on the spiritual lesson that this situation represents. The choice is yours.

In any case, a past-life regression with a spiritual hypnotherapist will help you understand your current feelings. It may also give you some direction.