Dreams and miracles

QUESTION: Masters, May 7th 2012 a baby was born here in Nigeria with a Quran in his hand as he emerged out of his mother’s womb. What does it mean? And why haven’t I witness any other miracle? I’m a man who feels nothing for the world when upset but when I’m calm I act naturally decent and lovely straight from the heart. In my dreams I’m very sensitive, aggressive and fearless people seem to be afraid of me in my dream but now I’m feeling weak, like I’m fading out of strength in my dreams. ~Lucky, Nigeria

ANSWER: Miracles are not an everyday occurrence or they would not be called miracles but rather considered to be normal events. There is no one place or authority who declares what is or is not a miracle. The definition of a miracle is sometimes a matter of dispute between people and their belief systems. People have begun to accept the “miracles” performed by modern medicine, and the faith-based changes positive intentions can create within a physical body.

With the story of the baby, things are not as they seem. Several people had specific motives for “observing” what they reported. If you go back and read all the reports generated shortly after the birth, you will see at least five different recordings of the events of that day and previous intentions of the people involved. With all of the facts in front of you, see if you then “feel” within you that it is a miracle. If you feel it is, than ask yourself what it means to you. If it does not make you sense it was miraculous event, then let it go and don’t give it any more thought.

Dreams can project your fears of life. Do you want to be strong and fearless? Your dream will allow that. If you have doubts about your abilities, that will also creep into your dreams and you will find yourself wanting. Dreams will pinpoint your fears and doubts, showing you what your life lessons are and what you need to work on. Faith in your self and your abilities is a lesson for you. You need to define who you think you are and who you want to be.

Your different personalities—while being upset as opposed to when you are relaxed—are showing you what deep fears are inside. You shut yourself off from the world when you are upset so you cannot be hurt. You do not like to feel vulnerable. When you are not under stress, the ability to interact in a loving and normal way opens up. If you work on those hidden fears by seeing what has caused them, you will be able to have a balanced and fearless existence.