Trust issues

QUESTION: Masters, I have a hard time trusting people due to childhood trauma. I still struggle with trust. I met my husband about 7 years ago. We have been married for 3 years. I need to know if I can trust my husband when it comes to faithfulness and if he is my twin flame. I feel I need to know these things because I am hoping this will help me in our marriage and our life lesson together going forward. ~Roxanne, USA

ANSWER: As you must have concluded from your past experience, trust is your major life lesson for this lifetime. Since you came down to Earth to learn about your essence of unconditional love, which is accomplished by finding your life lessons and getting to understand them so you might feel the love inside, we cannot tell you the answers to your questions.

It is imperative for you to first deal with the past so that it may stop haunting you. Fears and doubts always highlight the lessons on which you need to work. Go back to your trauma with the assistance of a hypnotherapist or some other practitioner who can allow you to go into your unconscious and deal with the factors that are still hanging around. In total relaxation you will be able to go through the events, realize they can no longer affect you, forgive yourself for clinging to them, and then move on.

Your husband is a truly good man. He loves you dearly but is a little tired of your paranoia. Handle this problem before you drive him away. He is a soul mate who agreed to help you through this tough lesson but is not your twin flame. You have had three past lives together in which you have switched roles back and forth.

Your need to know has to do with not wanting to have to feel in order to find out about people. In your case, knowing whether or not you can trust your husband will only present trust issues to appear in another fashion until you stop letting people take advantage of you.

A secondary lesson for you is developing a sense of self-worth. You defer to others and do not love your self enough to think you can have an opinion or can say no to others. You have a piece of the Source (your soul) animating you, so you are fantastic. Acknowledge that and use your strength. Once you accept your powers, you will know immediately what the people around you are trying to do in their relationships with you. Come out of the shadows of fear and be heard.