You attract what you need

QUESTION: Masters, I seem to attract a lot of (mostly unwarranted – I feel) disrespect, hostility and, even hatred from people throughout my life. I truly have learned a lot from this but why do I continue to manifest this and for what purpose? Some of these people seem to be profoundly mentally ill, am I manifesting this in them? In other words, am I harming these individuals? ~David, USA

ANSWER: A soul cannot make others be or feel anything they themselves do not want to be or feel. You are not the cause of other people’s apparent problems. You are not harming anyone just by recognizing the lessons they chose for themselves. Honor them for the difficult task they took on and choose not to interact in their lives.

You chose life lessons around negativity, which raises emotional issues within your body. They are very base feelings concerning hatred, anger, hostility, and disrespect. You have had many experiences with them. They have affected you only because you chose to acknowledge that they should have an impact upon you.

Most of your responses have been to fight back or to bury the moment and not explore why the emotions rose up inside you. People cannot be hurt by the energy of others unless they take the words or actions to heart and identify with a truth contained therein. Since you have within yourself unresolved issues of anger, hatred, hostility, and being disrespected, you pull those experiences to yourself like a magnet.

It is time to start asking why you feel others hate you. Isn’t it because, on some level, you hate yourself for who you are and what you put up with? Ask where those feelings originate. Go to those early-life traumas and accept that you do not need to hold on to them or allow them to still have an effect on you. Do this with each of these hurtful negative feelings you are holding. Once you have seen why you draw these emotions to yourself, you will be able to free yourself from the need to have them near.

As you clear each incidence of past disrespect, hatred, and hostility, allow yourself to replace it with self-love for all the hard work you are doing to learn the lessons so you do not have to repeat them. The more love you build inside, the less space there is for any negativity to creep inside. Examine, release, love!