“Blessed” so he wants rewards

QUESTION: O! Divine Master, When I read about your Banner it really drive Me to higher self, Thank You! I was born a Muslim as a Gifted Clairvoyant and I’m admired most of God and Goddess Highest Level of Emperor Spirit came and Blessed Me. I ask then why My Life has so much of Obstacles till I getting Poorer and now I was Homeless too. Why Thy Spirit appeared just for Blessing purpose, I don’t ever thought of being Rich, will God Of Wealth, Master Chai Sn Yeah help Me to get back My Finance back during His Divine Energies presence? ~Bashir, Singapore

ANSWER: The life one leads on Earth is a solitary life of experiences through which you learn about yourself, the abilities you have, and how to use your talents. All souls are blessed. Blessings do not mean entitlement. The fact that you are aware, and recognized the acknowledgment of the higher forces, does not mean you will automatically have things presented to you. You have to work for things in the physical. The obstacles you encounter are the life lessons you planned for yourself to increase your wisdom. You must figure them out to move forward.

If someone told you that you have the ability to heal others, does that automatically make you a doctor or an energy healer? No! You have to take the time and seek out the right people to train you in the healing arts or procedures. If you sit back and say “I am blessed” and expect all to be provided to you, your life will be exactly as it is now.

You must go inside yourself and find the knowledge that the exalted ones were speaking about. It is in and of you, not something they conveyed to you. With your power you can have that which you seek. You need to put your energy into manifesting. Stop waiting for others to provide for you and bring what you need to yourself now.