Worry creates additional problems

QUESTION: Masters, I would appreciate any help you can give me about my 13-year-old son. Since he was six, he has had digestive problems. Although he is much better, he still has a reaction when he eats wheat. I feel he could let this intolerance go if he wanted to, but that for some reason he chooses to have this sensitivity. How can I help him release this problem, so that we both can stop worrying about what he eats? He is concerned that his puberty seems delayed compared to his friends. Will this occur naturally or does he need some nutritional or medical help?

ANSWER: Your son’s intolerance has a multifaceted cause. One aspect has to do with a life-lesson in which he sought to confront difficulties during this part of his life to teach him discipline. Without vigilance to the ingredients in the food he consumes he incurs the consequence of a digestive upset. His body’s reaction has taught him attention to detail and to stick up for himself within his peer group, where pressures can be fierce to eat what everyone else is eating. He has also garnered a sensitivity and sympathy for those who are different-not only in relation to him, but also to others in the crowd. This discipline will be used later in life for his life’s work. He has developed an inner strength that he will use to teach others to overcome adversity.

A second contributing cause is a lesson from a past life that he had not completely resolved. This issue is for him to discover and work through. The third cause is the contracts between you and him. You are both studying obsession at the moment. You are trying to control something by an act of will when there are other factors needing to be worked out first. You have very strong feelings about things concerning him and he may not have the exact goals that you envision. Let him complete his lessons without placing additional pressure upon him.

All the nervousness surrounding his digestive problems is exacerbating the timing of his puberty. Don’t worry, all will be fine. He is still well within the time frame of normal male development. It is time for both of you to relax and enjoy his youth. Worry creates clouds and storms and makes the journey tedious; flowing with the moment brings out the sun and illuminates the enjoyment. Sit, sunbathe, and let the inclement weather become a memory.