Sharing space

QUESTION: Masters, my daughter believes that when was about 8 years old, she walked through a timber door without opening it. She just ended up on the other side of the door. At the time, she was balancing a wooden box on her head as she walked up the passageway. I can understand how she may have passed through the door herself, but is it possible that she took a wooden box with her?

ANSWER: All physical matter consists of a tiny solid mass of energy rotating in space around another tiny solid mass. You see the whirling mass as solid. An object composed of billions of these atoms is perceived as impenetrable. Your belief systems tell you that one believed solid mass cannot pass through another believed solid mass. Almost all accept this as fact.

It is possible for one who accepts that matter is mostly empty space to manipulate two pieces of matter so that they pass through each other’s empty spaces. For the human this generally occurs during times of stress in which the survival urge overcomes built-in belief systems. With the wish to pass through, rather than collide with, a solid mass that has just appeared in front of him, a person suddenly finds himself—and sometimes his motor vehicle—on the other side of, rather than wrapped around, a tree, a deer, a boulder, or another vehicle.

Your daughter was not particularly thinking about walking through the door but was very much inside herself in a meditative state. She did not seek to align her molecules, but only to continue on her way. Her unconscious self did not want harm done to the physical body, so it set up the conditions to align the energies to pass through one another. As your daughter became aligned, so did the box on her head.