QUESTION: Masters, I’ve begun a project to provide a facility for my community. I asked for the help I would need to achieve it, and was sent an architect, a charitable benefactor and an engineer in geothermal energy. I would like to ask the following: Am I correct in thinking that this is my life task, or part of a greater life task, as I have ideas for other community projects? I am a housewife whilst they are experts in their fields; do I have any skills or expertise from other lifetimes that I could bring to the project, and have I worked with any of them before in other incarnations? Are these individuals members of my soul group, and what, if any, promises and agreements have we made with each other before incarnation? Is geothermal energy the best energy source for our project or is there a better option? ~Melanie, UK

ANSWER: You have already demonstrated to yourself your manifestation powers. You have drawn to your project the integral pieces needed for success of this phase. Where you can go and what you can do is limited only by your desires and imagination.

Why are you now questioning what has occurred so far? Have faith in the process. When you came down here you had many ideas of what you wanted to experience. You did not have anything written in indelible ink—it was all just penciled in so that it might be changed as you felt good about something.

Your life task, as you call it, is to explore the strengths you have perfected. From the past you bring determination, confidence, and a charisma that draws others to you. No one is only a housewife. Most men do not have the organizational abilities, counseling skills, and ability to combine together the right pieces to complete a puzzle which running a house requires—this is your forte.

Some of the people in your life are soul mates, with some you have contracts (not all involved in this project), but what is the difference? Part of finding your strength is going with your instincts, following the flow of the universe, and trusting in yourself. These people would not have been drawn to the power you are creating if it were not something they needed as a part of their journey. Forget your desire to know and go with the energy. If you don’t keep raising questions, things will progress much more rapidly.