Time to really evaluate

QUESTION: Masters, I wish to know what I am here to learn in this life. I feel fortunate to have come across spirituality after my break-up. I am still learning lots and want to know how my ex now feels, and people I had some major conflicts with before, such as my friend/landlord in the UK, the housemate who annoyed me majorly in the house that I left last year because someone had nearly died outside. The friends I am associating with now, and a close friend “K” who helps me out a lot: are they all of significance in my past lives? Lastly, how am I related to a person I feel close to but haven’t yet met? We share quite similar interests and background. Will I find true love in this life? I am working on loving myself more and letting the ego go as much as I can. ~Kerry, UK

ANSWER: A primary message or lesson of spirituality is to learn to live in the moment, or at least the now. Another important concept is that the only people souls are responsible for on their life’s journey are themselves. To spend time and energy on the questions you have presented is to say you are more concerned with how you are viewed by others than how you view yourself. This is all an aspect of judgment, which is the keystone of the ego.

You are here to learn who you are as a soul going through an Earthly experience: to be able to bring abilities you have garnered in past lives into this one and to get as close as possible to existing in the unconditional love that is your state at Home.

Your next step should be to evaluate your current position along the path. How do you feel about yourself? What fears do you have? What don’t you love about yourself? Each one of your fears is an incomplete life lesson still emotionally affecting you. Ask of each fear, why are you here? How do you make me feel? Go into the feeling and you will find the lesson. Understand the lesson and you won’t have to do it again.