Healing after surgery


Q: Masters, after months of difficulty moving, I have been diagnosed with a torn ligament in my knee. The specialists say that it can only be repaired with a surgical procedure. Why did this happen to me? How best can I spiritually prepare to aid the healing process?

A: Intensity is the hallmark of your existence. You never do anything part way. When you are working, lifting, or exercising, even if you are not in shape, you go full out as if you were a teenager. Your body is older, and since you haven’t kept it in shape, when you start working out again you must use moderation. Ironically, you injured yourself exercising to get in shape.

The lesson within this experience is to be aware of where you are and what you are doing. Do not overdo or overextend. Be present consciously in the process taking place. Listen to your body and honor its need to progress in a gradual manner.

Healing will take place rapidly if you provide the necessary energy to your knee. In a meditative state, visualize healing energy going in, balancing and strengthening the tendons. Remember to be methodical and gradual in your physical rehabilitation. Learn the lessons of inattention and haste that got you into this position in the first place.

You must be totally involved in the process of rebuilding. As you see yourself whole again, do not have any doubts about the outcome. Use your power to manifest; when you know it will be all right, it becomes corrected.