Intention creates manifestation


Dear fellow souls, you constantly think about what you want to accomplish, but you don’t put much energy into your intention to manifest that objective. Intention is the action caused by gathering all your energy, and the universal energy that you can take in, and funneling it into a manifestation of what it is that you desire. You are thereby creating the reality that you seek.

A number of people reading some of the current popular books believe that manifestation is an easy process. Simply take a picture of yourself as a doctor and you will materialize that result sometime in the future. Believe us, that will not just happen. If you do nothing to begin the process you will have a nice picture and that is all.

Most souls do not look upon intention as an action. They see it merely as something that they think about and wish for. You can spend all of the time in your world thinking about becoming a doctor, but until you perform the action of applying to medical school, taking the classes, and completing the internship, you have no way to become a doctor.

Part of the intention process may also be to visualize that which you seek. By continually seeing yourself as a doctor or a lawyer, you begin to accept it as a reality. This overcomes any old limiting beliefs that you are incapable of becoming such an esteemed person. The old adage “fake it until you make it” is really talking about using intention through visualization to manifest.

Love, light, and laughter for your journey.

The Masters of the Spirit World