Q. Masters, I have a friend who has begun to talk to a person who he says is inside himself. He is a very lonely person and this is a female who he claims is his twin flame. He even argues with himself as if he is really talking to someone else. First, is this what the churches call possession? And, second, is there anything that I can do to help him?

A. Your friend, in his loneliness, has invited a discarnate soul (which people would call a ghost) to enter into his body. All souls have the characteristics of both sexes, so this soul, whether most recently male or female, is letting your friend perceive it as female so he will allow it to stay. In most circles this would be called a “possession” of the physical by a non-physical.

One soul may not enter the body of another unless it is invited. This may be a deliberate invitation (“Come on in”) or be the result of trickery. This occurs when the discarnate says something like, “I bet you can’t feel me if I come into your physical body with you,” and the unsuspecting host replies, “Well, let me try.” Invitation extended and accepted, and the relationship begins.

Once the discarnate has entered, it does not have to leave until unequivocally told to do so by the host. What frequently happens, as in the case of your friend, is that the host enjoys not being lonely any more, develops a relationship with the discarnate, and would not think of demanding that it leave. Thus the host has exercised freedom of choice. In some way this situation is a lesson that your friend came down there to experience. There is nothing you can do to influence him unless he is ready to return to singleness.