Earth souls and angelic beings

QUESTION: Masters, I am in conflict. I have recently been told that I am an incarnate angel and not of this Earth! However, I believe that we are all one, so I am finding it difficult to grasp what the difference could be between Earth souls and angelic beings who have incarnated. My purpose, apparently, is to steer humanity back to love (amongst other things), which I would really like to be doing, but I feel I am holding myself back and don’t really understand why yet. And then the “all is in divine order” kicks in and I wait patiently for a sign.   ~Abbi, UK

ANSWER: The “all is in divine order” adage stems from the fact that all souls are exactly where they chose to be when they are there. That does not mean that there are signposts giving directions. You have to be aware of the world around you and each incident that occurs. There are no real accidents because souls plan the lessons they wish to experience, and set things up accordingly before they come down to Earth. Once incarnate, they determine the speed at which they want to proceed. So, yes, you are holding yourself back because you fear the unknown. It is a very common occurrence.

The fear comes from unfinished or new lessons. You must step up and examine them. It is like taking a bus or train to a location you desire to visit; if you don’t go to the stop and enter the conveyance when the doors open, you will never get anywhere. Look into the unknown so it may become your known.

All angels are souls, just like every other soul. Not all choose to spend time as an angel guiding souls through their Earth journey, before they themselves have entered into the reincarnation process. No soul is exclusively “of this Earth” either, because that would mean it was not created as all souls are in a splitting off from Source.

Your pathway has been one of service to others, being an angel, then entering the reincarnation process, or wheel of life. Within each lifetime you have tried to include some aspect of awareness training, and this one focuses on awareness of the unconditional love of all souls. You must first reconnect with the unconditional love inside of you before you can show others the way.