Souls in-between

QUESTION: Masters would like you to enlighten me about the souls who left the earth and did not return to unconditional love. You said that there is no valley of suicides as Kardec says, but who then are the souls that appear at the mediumistic tables? Many suffering and lost and others clinging to evil. Are these souls unaware of the state they are in? Or do they not want to return to unconditional love by conscious free choice? ~Marcelo, US

ANSWER: A soul has complete freedom of choice as to what they wish to do. When a soul has incarnated into a human body and then the body ceases to be viable for one reason or another, the soul then has choices. It may remain in the environment it had just inhabited as a person. If so, it is generally to finish up some tasks begun before death. Some souls are even unaware that they are no longer corporeal (possessed of a body) and flit around as if still alive trying to complete work.

There are also souls who have negative thoughts about revenge or getting even with whoever caused their demise or with others they believe offended them in life. Another reason to stay on in the in-between status is fear that they will not go to what they believe is heaven but will instead be relegated to hell. At any time they wish, they can enter unconditional love using intention alone.

The souls who partake in mediumship events are not all “stuck” in-between. Souls who have returned to Source and unconditional love have the ability to speak to those remaining by using a medium to establish a physical presence. A soul at Home has the ability to go wherever they desire whenever they desire.

Those tormented souls who appear at a medium’s table are the confused souls who don’t want to exercise their own freedom of choice but want someone else to tell them what they must do. If they had no spiritualistic understanding while in body, they have no idea how powerful they are in determining their futures. They do not know about using intention to change status. They do not understand the term “freedom of choice” and think they have none. Be kind and inform them that all they have to do is intend to be Home, and they will be there.