Cancer cluster

QUESTION: Masters I am from a small village. It seems there is a lot of cancer cases. Is it something that people wanted to experience? Some emotional blocks and fears developed to illness? Many of these people are born after WW2 or children of these people who were in the war. Or is it some bad chemical or other things they were exposed during their best “working” times. ~Tea, FINLAND

ANSWER: Every soul brings to them the lessons they wished to experience. One of the ways to do this is to be in a situation where you will be exposed to something that will create the lesson you desire. The people who have gotten ill wanted to have some impediment that would present a challenge to them physically, mentally, and emotionally. The family and friends wished to observe their loved ones going through this event and learn from the same energies.

Your area is what is called a cancer cluster resulting from environmental issues. It has more than one cause and is plaguing only those wanting a challenge. It is possible to chase down the causes but that would not change the life lessons chosen. The same type of challenges can be experienced with other forms of disability.

Mother Earth, with the polluting abilities of humanity, is a test tube breeding ground allowing for souls to set up any type of situation needed by them for learning. From one event, hundreds of lessons can spring. Our learning is not limited to individual experiences but also those observed occurring to others.

See what is happening; see how various people handle the same situation differently. This will give you an idea how you could learn from the same type of event if it were presented to you. As a spiritual person, you can help those going through things. Send them unconditional love that they will understand why they chose this test and how to accomplish the desired education.