Is it all in my mind?

QUESTION: Masters, lately for some reason, I can feel people’s energy. Especially when it comes to my partner, my family and friends. I’m trying to work on my intuition by reading tarot cards on Internet. But at the same time, I wonder if it’s all in my mind. Today during a tarot card reading, I asked my guardian angel for some guidance and she told me to work on my energy and my mediumship. Now, I don’t know if it’s all in my mind. The first time I connected with my guardian angel, I asked her how I could become closer to her. And right after I have this message in my head “lapis lazuli” How could I possibly work on this? ~Mia, France

ANSWER: You are a piece of Source energy and have all the powers and abilities of Source. That means your essence has experience with total connection with the energies of all other souls, whether in physical or nonphysical status. You have begun to allow yourself to sense the presence and essence of the other souls sharing this lifetime with you.

It is easier to start with those with whom you spend the most time. You are sensing the essential soul within them, which provides a whole new manner of communication. You feel their moods, hopes, wishes, and desires.

Working with intuition, you open your “knowingness” to the energetic around you instead of just what is perceived by your human body’s natural senses. You are also tapping into your higher self, the usually unconscious aspect of yourself, which contains recordings of what you have learned in prior lives.

As you are sensing soul energies, you can also open yourself to the energies contained within physical substances such as crystals. Uniting with and taking in these energies can enhance your abilities. For most humans, lapis lazuli crystalline energy allows for a higher connection with nonphysical vibrations, aiding in spiritual growth through one’s intuition. You can delve deeper into your essence and have a larger understanding of your own energy. Your guide was trying to suggest a tool to assist you.

This is not all in your mind. The first step is to accept the possibility. Then believe you can connect; then move to a knowing it is within reach. Once there, start using the connections and you will find your intuition picks up on all the information you desire.

Mediumship has many definitions. It may be the action of channeling another soul through your physical body, or it may simply be allowing the energy within, from your essence, to come out. Stop analyzing and go with the flow of what you are doing. This is something you have done in many prior lives.