Life lessons and belief systems

QUESTION: Masters I was raised in a cult that taught that Armageddon would come in my lifetime and be followed by a paradise. I left the cult but have been drawn to the subject of ‘the shift’ and ‘the event’ My question is- Did I choose the cult to prepare me for ‘the event’ or am I repackaging a concept I am familiar with? ~Dawn, US

ANSWER: Each soul who is having a physical, human experience finds their way through life, and their chosen lessons, utilizing the belief systems they accept as the basis for their daily illusion. Once someone has accepted the belief system of another, it remains with them unless or until they choose to replace it with something else.

Most of the time you are not even aware you still adhere to the beliefs of another until it comes crashing into you one day when you have a reaction to a situation to which you have no reason to respond. In your case, similar-appearing beliefs Armageddon and the event, paradise and the shift, have brought back your earlier life and what you were taught to believe. You are repackaging concepts.

“The event” has many different definitions in the modern world and isn’t something that has anything to do with the soul’s spiritual journey. “The shift” is generally used to refer to removing oneself from the negativity of the third dimension and entering into the blissful unconditionally loving energy of Source in the arena of Home – a nonphysical state.

The shift is a solo condition brought on when a soul gets rid of their need for ego judgment and becomes a being who never judges but merely evaluates what they are observing. It is a spiritual process along the road to completing your chosen life lessons. Its tool is using one’s freedom of choice to reject negativity.

Everything you have experienced is all a part of this journey you are on. Without having a multitude of experiences, one cannot make informed decisions to progress along their path.