Physical beauty and spiritual growth

QUESTION: Masters, I do not intend to come across as shallow but why are some people very attractive and esthetically pleasing whilst others are not so attractive often suffering from physical conditions and disorders? The reason I ask is because I have dyed my hair for many years as I dislike my natural auburn color, I use to get teased and bullied terribly as a child due to my hair color and it’s made me
insecure to this day. Does altering yourself esthetically hinder your spiritual evolution? ~Sara, New Zealand

ANSWER: Concepts of attraction, pleasantness, and beauty are all judgments of the ego-based society. You are living in a society that chooses to rate, grade, and judge everything so they can define for themselves who they believe they are within that group of people.

As a single individual you have no one to rate yourself against. It is only if you choose to play the game of “I’m better than you are” that how others appear to you makes a difference. When you go along with their judgments, you are giving them all your power and saying that they know you better than you know yourself.

Children can be very cruel because they want to feel important – such as that they are “prettier” than someone else. If everyone else in the group has brown hair, then auburn hair makes you unique and they will try to take that difference and make it trivial or wrong. Your lack of self-confidence allowed that to happen.

You can continue to let the opinion of others control your life or take back your decision to give them power over you. Honor who you are. You are who you chose to be before coming to Earth. This was a choice to see if you could understand the implications and work through the physical and emotional hurt.

There are no spiritual ramifications surrounding how you look or how you dress. How you feel is the determining factor. Do something only because it feels right to you, not for the purpose of hiding or of placating anyone else. Whether you dye your hair, or even shave it off, should be a decision based completely on how you want things to be.