About karma

QUESTION: Masters I notice how there are still limiting religious beliefs in me, socially, culturally, and so on. It seems that I have rare glimpses of feeling like a free soul from the source. It is very difficult to be in a dual reality. About Karma, it would be a law of this planet that would bring us back to be born here on Earth to solve or Karma would be a kind of awareness of what we did “wrong” with someone or something and would leave us guilty to the point of returning here to Earth and try to dissolve this energy? ~Sérgio, BRASIL

ANSWER: It is your belief system that causes you to ask about karma since it is the negative controlling factor in many societal and religious beliefs. The reality in which a human soul spends their time on Earth is created by what they accept as the beliefs they wish to follow.

Belief systems are first established unconsciously by those training you about living. They are your parents, teachers, religious icons, and society in general. You start believing the rules those around you think are mandatory. You don’t even think about whether they apply to you as you become one of the sheep being directed through life.

What most humans do not recognize is the fact that they can change their beliefs at any time. Just because the world may say the sky is pink, you don’t have to accept that if you “know” it is blue. Constantly examine why you behave the way you do. Is it because you choose to do something in a particular way or because the “world” does things that way and you think you have no choice?

Karma is a concept, a belief system, a negativity found only on Earth within its duality. When you leave the duality, there can be no karma because it is a negative punishment belief. You are punished for something you have done while within the negativity of the duality.

Guilt is a life lesson. If you have studied it, by experiencing it, you do not have to relive it in another life unless you wish to explore more complex issues of guilt. A human incarnation is undertaken for the benefit of an individual soul. What happens in an interaction with another soul does not enforce a duty upon the acting soul. You don’t owe them anything because they are just doing their thing like you are. You may never share a human existence with that soul again.

All the choices about a subsequent life are decided by the soul. They have no obligation to revisit anything they have done before or to continue on with a lesson they have not understood. Karma does not exist for a soul unless they choose to create a required response to something they have done in the past.

Cut loose from the beliefs that do not assist you with your desired lessons. Seek to live in positive, loving energy. If you find yourself doing something and don’t know why, stop it and reconsider the reason. You always have choices.